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Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival
Images from the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival at Louise McKinney Park, August 17 - 19, 2001.

Cycling in the City
If you plan on heading out on two wheels, here is information regarding laws and gear.

Goodbye Drillers
A young fan's perspective on the demise of the Edmonton Drillers.

Goodbye #99
Saying good bye to the Great One as Wayne Gretzky retires.

Associated Cycle Messengers of Edmonton
A support group for bike couriers.

Ball Hockey Edmonton
Official site for one of the city's most popular amateur sports, with statistics from the Men's, Women's and Junior leagues; general information, history and news.

Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club
Lots of events and chances to socialize.

Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club
A paddling club with a schedule, links, a photo gallery and information about the club.

Edmonton Eskimos
Edmonton's Canadian Football League team.

Edmonton Flying Club
Training, information, rentals, facilities, and more for flying enthusiasts.

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