West Edmonton Mall

Dateline: 12/28/98

"The Wonder of it All" is more than just a clever catch phrase created to market the largest shopping mall in the world. West Edmonton Mall is truly a wonder, a unique creation that can only be found in Edmonton.

While Edmonton has many attractions and events that draw thousands and thousands of visitors every year, West Edmonton Mall is the city's biggest tourist atttraction. People come from all corners of the world to visit it. When I tell someone from another city or country that I am from Edmonton, they immediately ask me about "The Mall." Part of this awe is because of The Mall's several world-class attractions.

Galaxyland Amusement Park has twenty rides and attractions such as the "Drop of Doom" and the Mindbender Rollercoaster. New this year is an interactive play area for kids called the Galaxykids Playpark, and the Galaxy Twister.

The World Waterpark lets people indulge their urge to flow down wonderful waterslides and swim amongst the waves -- no matter what time of year it is! Likewise, it doesn't matter if it is sunny and hot outside -- if you want to go ice skaing, just head for the Ice Palace.

Miniature golf is fun for the whole family, and the Europa Golf Course is both challenging and fun. But maybe you want to do something a bit more adventurous -- like go for a submarine ride. The Deep Sea Adventure takes you on a guided tour under water where you will see exotic fish and coral reefs.

Speaking of exotic fish, I don't know exactly if dolphins count as fish, but you can see them perform, along with their human trainers at the Dolphin Lagoon. Four beautiful Atlantic bottlenose dolphins call the Mall their home, and entertain spectators several times a day. The dolphins, as well as over 200 species of fish, reptiles, penguins, and other exotic birds are under the care of the Mall's Marine Life department.

If you are visiting the Mall from abroad, you have the option of staying at the Fantasyland Hotel. The hotel features 335 rooms, 228 guest rooms, and 127 themed rooms -- imagine spending the night in an African safari or bridal suite.

Certainly not the least of the Mall's appeal are the many retail shops found throughout the Mall's three phases, many of which are exclusive to West Edmonton Mall and Edmonton like the Hard Rock Cafe, Snowbird Gallery, and West Edmonton Coin & Stamp.

There is enough to do and see at West Edmonton Mall that one visit simply is not enough. A fourth phase is currently in the works -- and for sure, once it is finished, I will let you know what you can discover there!

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